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At Impact Leadership Christian Academy, we believe that a strong academic foundation is essential for our students' success. Our curriculum includes a rigorous academic program that challenges our students to think critically and creatively. We offer a variety of courses in subjects such as math, science, social studies, and language arts, taught by experienced and dedicated teachers who are passionate about their subjects. Our goal is to prepare our students for college and beyond, so they can make a positive impact on the world.


At Impact, our child-centered pedagogical approach is at the core of How We Teach. We employ various teaching strategies to engage our students in active learning that is relevant and meaningful. Our personalized teaching approach empowers our students to acquire new skills and knowledge while fostering a love for lifelong learning. Experience our How We Teach approach for yourself and give your child the best possible education.



Our Classroom Learning program is designed to create an environment where the classroom becomes the second teacher. With a range of resources at your disposal, you'll be able to explore and problem-solve independently, while our educators step in as facilitators, coaches, and guides when you need them most. Join us today and experience a new level of academic excellence.

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At our school, we embrace Experiential Learning as the cornerstone of our curriculum. Scholars learn by doing, using all their senses to experience a dynamic learning environment. Our faculty runs experiments and real-world simulations using objects that scholars can touch, move, and handle to enhance their understanding of academic subjects. We also expose our scholars to enriching experiences like cultural plays and field trips, all designed to complement our classroom instruction and give them a well-rounded education.

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Our Project-Based Learning approach is designed to go beyond traditional academics and help scholars develop real-world skills and experience. Through individual and group projects, scholars apply their learning across multiple subjects and learn to create innovative products, services, processes, and ideas that are useful in the real world. We believe that this is the best way to prepare our students for success in a rapidly-changing world.


Our Hybrid Learning program provides a unique blend of individualized and blended learning that meets the needs of every student. We combine computer-based learning platforms with traditional instruction to ensure that students receive the resources and support they need to succeed. Our faculty is trained to identify those who are more self-directed and those who learn concepts more quickly, allowing them to work at their own pace and go deeper or move ahead. Join us and experience the impact of our innovative approach to education.



At Impact, we believe that learning should be personally relevant to each scholar. That's why we provide Relevant Learning experiences that integrate each scholar's passions, interests, concerns, and cultural connections. By engaging our scholars in this way, we've seen firsthand the impact it has on their academic success and overall growth.

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